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Technical translation

Our biggest worldwide clients belong to different engineering sectors such as architecture, construction, waste treatment, logistics, installations, solar and wind technology, industry, environment, etc.


We count with wide experience in the translation of technical documents of all kinds, from installation manuals and safety plans to project catalogues, contracts, annual reports...


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General translation

Advertising, touristic and cultural texts, promotional material, letters, emails, reports, catalogs, press releases, popular science…


Website localization

Do you have an online business and you wish to extend your market? Would you like to launch your products or services? Tradbox offers integrated solutions to translate your website. Send us your site and you will receive it ready to be published in the requested languages. 


Automatic translation machines don’t localize, they just translate without considering use of language on a specific place. It is very important to entrust your website to a good translator who will make your website reach its goal: to project services, products or contents into another market making them natural, close and accessible. 


Journalistic and audiovisual translation

Tradbox is specialist in information and treatment of media contents. Media generate their own language and we know it deeply. Do you want to export your contents? We can help you. 


Order, intention, style and shape vary according to the genre on which information is presented. The goal is to transform this information into a new organized text, fluid and efficient and at the same time faithful to its original stylistic and rhetorical essence.     


We have what Journalistic Translation demands and we guaranty best results.


Transcription of audio and video files

Tradbox offers an efficient transcription and translation service of audio and video files. We can transcribe from any kind of format (cassette, CD, MP3, WAV, MOV, AVI, 3GP, MP4, etc.).


We will send you a written copy of your meeting, conference, speech, interview, phone conversations, podcast, seminar, etc. Our service will adapt to your needs and those of your project, under great quality and confidentiality standards.


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